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Welcome to our website!

My name is Natella Letitchever and I want to tell you a few words about our Russian Pride BRT Kennel and my own road that lead me to becoming a BRT breeder.

​I was born in Moldova, one of the republics of the former Soviet Union, in a family of professional breeders and, of course, I was surrounded by dogs from the very first moments of my life. First there were dogs of my parents and later, my own. My first mentors, therefore, were my parents, Tatiana and Shota, who passed to me not only their knowledge, skills and experience, but also an unconditional love of dogs.

From a young age, I was working with Rottweilers. The first litter bred by me was born and officially registered in DOSAAF in 1984. But even at that young age, I came to the realization that beauty and power in a dog mean nothing without health and stability, and always I was working toward the creation of that “ideal dog” I dreamt of.


Many years later, in 2002, at the one of the dog shows in Canada, I finally met that ideal dog of my dreams: a Black Russian Terrier — the stunning William Edward Dale. I knew nothing about him at that moment, but just watching this powerful animal with fluid movements in the ring took my breath away.
That meeting became not only the beginning of my journey with Black Russian Terriers, but also the start of many years of friendship and mutual work with Olga Kornienko, owner of William and Zastava BRT Kennel.

​Very soon we became the proud owners of Veta (Multi CH Kalinka’s Voennaja Taina, TT ), a granddaughter of William, our first BRT, our love, pride and joy. Veta, who started her show carrier very early (she was just 5 months old when she became a Best Puppy of RBCSWO BRT Specialty Show), grew into a magnificent large female with excellent anatomy and amazing movement. A legendary star of the show rings, and one of the most tilted BRT of North America, Veta also turned out to be a great producer and became the foundation bitch of the Russian Pride Kennel, which was registered in CKC in 2009.

I was very lucky to have all the understanding and support in my family. My husband Leon and our daughter Gabrielle are both excellent and experienced handlers, and all our wins and “Big Ribbons “are the result of their work in the rings. In 2009 our daughter Gabrielle was a TOP UKC Junior Handler.

Together, united with our mutual passion of dogs, our family works as a great team! The results of our work is exhibited in our achievements — over 30 Best In Shows and multiple group placements; and 5 times our dogs become TOP Dogs of CKC,UKC,FCC; and many championships.

We take breeding very seriously. Using old Siberian and Moscow bloodlines as a base of our breeding program, we put a lot of thought and work in creating and preserving the phenotype — our dogs are recognizable.

Our puppies are living in many countries all over the world, but it does not matter how far our puppies are located, they all very important to us and we love them all entirely!

When you become an owner of one of our puppies, we not only open our doors to you, we also open our hearts to you as new members of our Russian Pride Kennel family!

Russian PRIDE

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